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You have probably asked yourself at some point which clothing pieces could be considered timeless, those you can spend your money in with no regrets.

Well, the first thing I would say is that a piece’s timelessness is directly related to its longevity, when worn by you, and when stored in your closet.

The concept behind a timeless item of clothing is that it should be able to Thrive through different periods of your life, and even your children’s life, without needing to be replaced.

This factor also contributes to more sustainable consumption, especially when buying less means that you’re able to invest in higher quality products.

Ten Clothing Pieces That Are Never Out of Style

Whenever we talk about timeless fashion, we are also talking about quality over quantity.

If you want clothes that can survive the test of time, spending on fast fashion brands, that generally carry lower quality products, will not help you to achieve your goal.

So what are the clothing pieces that are worth to invest your money in?

1 - Blue Jeans:

The blue jeans had first appeared in 1792 and was meant to be worn in factories but, as time passed, it became a classic in everyone’s closets.

women wearing blue jeans a timeless fashion piece

Even though it is constantly changing shapes to keep up with what’s in fashion nowadays, the straight-leg blue jeans remained as one of the most democratic shapes of all, achieving the timeless title.

This style of jeans can be part of a more casual outfit but can easily be elevated to a more chic look if needed.

Besides, its shape accommodates all body types, being the perfect addition to your closet.

women wearing blue jeans a timeless fashion piece
Blue Jeans

Having one good pair of jeans ensures that you will be able to wear them for years on end, reduces consumption and the need to produce numerous pieces, and is a big step towards fashion being more sustainable.

2 - The white t-shirt:

The white cotton t-shirt expresses youth in the chicest way possible.

women wearing white t-shirt a timeless fashion piece
The white t-shirt

It is the simplest – in a good way – clothing item one can own, being super easy to put outfits together with, complementing everything you have in your closet.

The superpower of the White t-shirt lies in its simplicity, it provides the perfect base to flaunt jewelry or third pieces, boosting your outfit instantly.

3 - The white button-down shirt:

The white button-down has evolved from the tunics worn by people in Ancient Egypt, the oldest item on our list.

women wearing white button-down shirt a timeless fashion piece
The White Button-Down Shirt

Varying in fabric and shape, the shirt transits well through different styles, expressing its timelessness and elegance in a simple but striking way.

It has become a staple piece in women’s closets, and although it is easily found in many different stores all over the world, it is one clothing item that is absolutely worth the investment.

A high-quality button-down shirt will not only last longer, It can be your go-to piece when you want to dress to impress, both personally and professionally.

4 - Tailored pants:

The tailored pants were exclusively worn by men up until the beginning of the 20th century, when it migrated to women’s wardrobes.

women wearing Tailored pants a timeless fashion piece
Tailored pants

Even though this style has changed throughout time, its structured shape and straight lines have remained the same, providing an elegant look to whoever wears it.

Nowadays we have tailored pants in different styles, shapes, and colors, so it’s important to note that the ones that carry the timeless title are the high waisted, dark and more structured ones.

But how can you be sure if this style of pants will be a good addition to your closet?

women wearing Tailored pants a timeless fashion piece

Math. Work out how often you intend to wear it, considering how many outfits you can put together with your tailored pants of choice and what colors and shapes fits your style better.

This will help you figure out if you should or shouldn’t invest in a pair.

5 - The jeans jacket:

From its regular shape to a cropped or oversized one, the jeans jacket has been presented to us in different ways depending on what is in vogue at the time.

women wearing jeans jacket
The jeans jacket

Even though the jeans jacket is perceived as a casual item, when styled properly it can transit well through different looks, bringing a cool effect to your outfit.

Since it can be worn in with pants and t-shirts as well as with dresses, the jeans jacket is seen as one of the most universal items of clothing.

women wearing jeans jacket

An important thing to note is that cotton (the raw material denim is made from) is a highly water intensive crop, and so is one of the more stark examples where a quality over quantity approach can be more sustainable.

6 - The blazer:

The blazer has been in and out of fashion since it was added in women’s closets for the first time during the Victorian Era.

Has undergone changes over time, the blazer remained a staple piece throughout the decades.

women wearing pink blazer a timeless fashion piece
The blazer

In the corporative environment it tends to command respect and communicates leadership, but that is not the only way to wear it.

Nowadays you can find blazers in lighter colors and fabrics, which gives it a more approachable image.

It is also important to know how to properly wash, hang and take care of your blazers to maintain their structure intact.

7 - The leather jacket:

From the bad boys in the 1950’s to the super models in the 1990’s, the leather jacket has been used as a symbol for cool people for decades, rapidly becoming a timeless item.

women wearing leather jacket a timeless fashion piece
The leather jacket

Environmentally expensive and ethically complex, leather is not a sustainable material.

However the second hand market is flush with examples and synthetic leathers are always gaining ground.

So there exist a multitude of guilt free options.

women wearing leather jacket a timeless fashion piece

The leather jacket itself expresses power and can be intimidating, but when You style it, consciously aware of what it communicates, you can either emphasize or neutralize it’s effects.

That’s when knowing your personal style and having your image goal in mind comes in handy.

8 - The pencil skirt:

The pencil skirt has been going around since the 1940’s, representing the needs of a more practical clothing of the women that had to work during the Second World War.

Among all the timeless clothing pieces, this is the one that’s endured the fewest changes as time passed.

women wearing pencil skirt a timeless fashion piece
The pencil skirt

It’s usually high waisted, below the knees and with a slit in the back to help with comfort and movement.

The pencil skirt also has waves of popularity, the last one being during the mid-2010’s with the Kardashian’s Own brand of sensuality.

The pencil skirt is also a democratic clothing item, once it can be adapted to different styles and functions by simply changing its colors, fabric, and patterns.

9 - The midi dress:

The midi dress came to life in the mid-1920s and has been in and out of fashion ever since.

Because its length is below the knees, it transits well both in the corporative environment and in everyday life.

women wearing midi dress a timeless fashion piece
The midi dress

The midi dress is not only a great option on the hottest days in Summer, but it can also be worn during the winter with boots.

These possibilities on how you can wear it is what makes the midi dress a classic and timeless piece.

10 - The pencil dress:

Just like the pencil skirt, the pencil dress has risen to prominence several times over the decades.

women wearing pencil dress a timeless fashion piece
The pencil dress

It began gaining popularity in the mid-1950’s, when famous women as Marilyn Monroe started to wear them.

Although it has always been connected to a more sensual image, the dress has evolved towards the more classic and elegant styles as its cuts and fabrics were updated and the mini skirt was introduced to the female audience.

By seeing the photos used here to represent each of the ten timeless items of

clothing, you probably noticed that these pieces can be represented in many

different ways depending on how they are styled.

And, speaking about style, why don’t you take a look at your service page and find the perfect image consulting service for your needs

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