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Tay Fernandes

You have probably asked yourself at some point which clothing pieces could be considered timeless, those you can spend your money in with no regrets.

Well, the first thing I would say is that a piece’s timelessness is directly related to its longevity, when worn by you, and when stored in your closet.

The concept behind a timeless item of clothing is that it should be able to Thrive through different periods of your life, and even your children’s life, without needing to be replaced.

This factor also contributes to more sustainable consumption, especially when buying less means that you’re able to invest in higher quality products.

Ten Clothing Pieces That Are Never Out of Style

1 - Blue Jeans

2 - The Withe T-Shirt

3 - The white button-down shirt

4 - Tailored pants

5 - The jeans jacket

6 - The blazer

7 - The leather jacket

8 - The pencil skirt

9 - The midi dress

10 - The pencil dress

Whenever we talk about timeless fashion, we are also talking about quality over quantity.

If you want clothes that can survive the test of time, spending on fast fashion brands, that generally carry lower quality products, will not help you to achieve your goal.

So what are the clothing pieces that are worth to invest your money in?

1 - Blue Jeans:

The blue jeans had first appeared in 1792 and was meant to be worn in factories but, as time passed, it became a classic in everyone’s closets.

women wearing blue jeans a timeless fashion piece