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This service has as main objective to discover the colors that value the client's skin, strengthening the visual, always seeking to value the strong points.

There are several formats and methods to perform Colour Analysis, we use the Seasonal Expanded method. We take into account the Temperature, Intensity and Depth of the skin, in addition to the Contrast.


  • Color analysis to discover the colors that harmonize with your skin tone;​

  • Correct tones of clothing, accessories, hair and makeup interfere with skin luminosity and have a positive effect;

  • We do the color test using sunlight and pass several fabrics to get the result;​

At the end of the Color Analysis, we arrive at the result and the palette with the client's result is delivered.




In this short video, we explain all the details about the color test, it is very short and very worth watching, to understand the details.


- Discover the colors that will enhance the skin tone;

- Minimize expression lines;

- Having the color palette supports when buying new clothes;

- The color palette brings the correct suggestions for hair and makeup;

Understand  more about Colour Analysis in the interview with consultant Juliana Berman for the Cami Gaio Youtube channel. 

We do not perform the Online Color Analysis service. We know that some image consultants perform this service online, but we believe that personally we have a higher quality result and we want to deliver only the best for our clients.


Colour analysis is recommended for people who:

- Has difficulty making fashion combinations;


- Have doubts about which colors look good;

- Willing to learn a little more about how to value their strengths;

- Willing to know how to make better choices when buying.

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At the end, the client receives a palette with the colors that most value her. All color details of clothes, hair, makeup and ideal color mix.

In the palette, there are the colors to be better used and those that, mainly, have the intensity, depth and temperatures that are harmonious with the type of skin, color and eyes of the person who was evaluated. The palette serves as a guide for the person to understand the characteristics of their skin. Using the colors in the right tones, you can see many positive effects, such as: smoothing the skin texture, dark circles and expression marks; enhancement of traits; healthy appearance; joviality, among others. The use of the colors of the palette is indicated in the colors used near the face, for makeup and hair colors.

In addition, we use the MOSTY App, and you have a virtual card in the palm of your hand on your cell phone, isn't it too much?


After the color test, we can together find brands and colors that make you most valued and that will strengthening with your color palette.

Another subject that we women are very interested in is our hair and the clients always ask me; "This test can help me with the coloring of my hair".


Come on; We are not specialists in hair coloring, our specialty is clothing and we can do a great job of makeup, but we can help a lot in choosing a shade that values ​​you and your skin.

colour analysis

What's in the chromatic Palette?

What if I don't like my color Palette?

It shows you premium colors, which are the ones that most favor you, that will make you wonderful! If you have to choose a dress, for example, bet on these colors and you will rock! It also shows your nude tones. What will change: warm skins will have more yellowish nudes. Cool skins will have more pink nudes. The chart also shows you its neutral tones. Not everyone has black and white on the card. The neutral can be the off-white, earthy tones, in the warm cards; and a gray, a pinkish on the cool cards.

From our experience in the field, we have a feeling of what suits us best. Many times, we put an outfit that you saw on Instagram, in the window, and you feel that it didn't look good, for some reason. We feel that we have not been valued. And it can often be the color. And if you happen to have too many pieces out of the pack, you needn't be desperate. I help you balance with the accessories, with the make up. And I guarantee you will see the difference. Sometimes we never tried a certain color and in the test we realize that it looks beautiful. I just ask the client to come with an open heart.

Besides, the color palette will give you many color possibilities. If you don't like yellow, for example, you will have a world of other possibilities to use.


The cool palettes will have more blue pigment, will pull more towards the pink. And the warm palettes will have more yellow pigment, pulling more towards the coral, towards the earthy. And, for example, there is a hotter pink. It appears on the warm chart too.

So will I have colors that I will be banned from using after the test?

No! You do not need to get rid of any clothes if their color is not on your palette.


First, the focus is on the top, the colors that are close to your face. It doesn't hurt you so much to use a color outside your palette at the bottom.


Second, if you have a blouse or dress out of the pack, the idea is to balance it with accessories and make-up in the correct color.


Many people still don't understand this concept, but in a simple way, we can say that warm colors are those that have a more yellowish background and cools colors have a more bluish background. In the chromatic circle, we can see a very clear division of one half with warm colors and the other half with cold colors.

Within the Consultancy, we work on the color tones, since a single color has an infinite number of tones, which vary according to temperature, depth and intensity. And something we often hear is, "is there blue in my palette?" or “hopefully my card is green”.


The truth is that almost all colors are present in all 12 palettes. What will change is the tone of each one, especially with regard to color temperature! So I'm going to put some examples here of warm tones (at the bottom) and cool tones (at the top), for you to visualize and understand a little more.

colour analysis
colour analysis

An important factor of punctuation is what color is a reference, that is to say that to state more clearly whether it is in a warm or cool tone, it is ideal to compare it to another tone and analyze the difference between them.

Did you notice this difference? Training our look at these characteristics makes us more aware of what we buy and use. That's because when it comes to colors, we always seek harmony with what we already have in ourselves. So if you have warm skin, you will harmonize more with warm colors, such as orange, mustard yellow, olive green or teal.

On the other hand, if your skin has a cool bottom, it will harmonize better with cool colors, for example fuchsia pink, cherry red, emerald green or bic blue. Always remember: there is warm blue and cool blue, warm yellow and cool yellow, warm green and cool green, and so on. In terms of temperature, the only predominantly warm color is orange, due to its warm origin, the junction of the red and yellow pigments.

Bringing this to the reality of Consulting, the only way to assertively say someone's skin temperature is through the color analysis. Doing this analysis, you have the real definition of the characteristics of your skin, discover the color palette that most favors your beauty and dive even deeper into the universe of colors!

colour analysis


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